Michael has been my dentist for almost twenty years and I regard him as consistently at the top of his game. I have found my dealings with him to be at all times extremely professional and my trust in him and his ability has proven to be well founded. My case has been difficult with respect to cosmetics due to moderately severe tetracycline staining. Michael has advocated a conservative approach using non-invasive composites which had worked well for years. Finally on my direct request and only after he felt that porcelain veneer technology was up to his exacting standards we decided to proceed with minimally invasive veneers for my uppers. Even this was not rushed - there was more than one trial and Michael and I worked closely with the technologist to achieve real-looking but beautiful teeth rather than some clearly fake, superwhite Hollywood job. The results have been outstanding, retaining my characterful gaps while achieving a natural appearing smile of which I am tremendously proud and for which I receive many compliments. - Dr C P (Radiologist)
Dr C P (Radiologist) Patient Dr C P (Radiologist)